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Bioenergy Therapy



The DIA DENS device is a revolutionary diathermy treatment that can recover lost body connections between the nervous system and internal organs.

Relieving from:

-acute and chronic pain
-restores the internal bodily processes to the proper function
-accelerates the mechanisms of wound healing
-restores the human body to proper function
-strengthens the immune system.
-helps our body to release its healing potential



Scenar therapy is a holistic therapy that regulates the autonomic nervous system.

It is very effective in:

-pain in the joints
-pain in the neck and shoulders
-immobility of the shoulders
-tennis elbow
-anthmatic bronchitis


Electroacupuncture has many more advantages than conventional acupuncture. Balances energy loss with recharging.

It is extremely effective in managing pain (acute and chronic), as well as in managing mental stress and the musculoskeletal or neurological problems associated with it.


It is a slippery slope  which has a balancing effect on both the physical and the emotional level, stimulating the autonomic nervous system through special pressure points.

Bioenergy therapy helps us to get the right amount of energy in the cells so that we can fight the health problems or diseases that result from the lack of this energy.

It is particularly suitable for:

-reduction of stress

-improvement of the energy level

-quick recovery after sports activities

-reduction of inflammation

-Increase joint mobility

-improving the quality of sleep

- regeneration at the cellular level

-strengthening the immune system

-treatment of tendons

-muscle injuries and chronic pain



The PAPIMI device is a pulse electromagnetic field generator. It is related to the method of bioresonance and frequency therapy. The nanopulses it produces are characterized by high intensity and short duration. This great power of the device and its unique mode of operation are the reasons for the wide range of its applications and the impressive results it has. The application is done externally, inductively painless without causing an increase in tissue temperature.

PARIMI therapy is used in medicine for cell regeneration.

How PAPIMI works

All the tissues in your body are made of cells. Every function that happens in your body is due to the activity of the cells. Irritated cells have a low membrane load and are the source of the signals that cause the sensation of pain. The ion electric is what maintains the membrane charge and makes the cell function efficiently. give it energy and make the cells healthy. The PAPIMI device is designed to restore the lost electrical charge of the cells, so that the cell overcomes the low energy state making it able to regain its lost membrane charge.

It has therapeutic effects on


-Athletic injuries


-Inflammatory cases with or without pain (with disappearance of edema)


-musculoskeletal pain


Faster recovery of bone fractures

-back pain


-cervical syndrome


regeneration of nerve tissue and upper nerve cells

-strengthening the immune system



VEMMER Therapy achieves completely new medical effects in the field of so-called micro-circulation. Increases blood flow to the area of small and smaller blood vessels, but also extends to the lymphatic system.

Therefore BEMMER therapy can be used in many indications such as

-pain and metabolic disorders

-Wound healing

-circulatory system disorders




-Improving the function of the immune system

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