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Spine Force

Spine Force is an innovative technology that works on the spine from the inside out (CORE), analyzing, treating and helping to prevent musculoskeletal disorders, while promoting its overall health and well-being. SpineForce. Is the only machine in the world that can stimulate all the muscles of the spine. The Spine Force is the only machine in the world that three-dimensionally strengthens the nuclei of the vertebral muscles. The oscillating platform detects weaknesses and / or imbalances in the spine, creating personalized exercise protocols for the special needs of patients. . This helps the paravertebral muscles to hold the vertebrae in place and the intervertebral discs as well. This can provide immediate, sustainable and measurable results. SpineForce. Mobilizes up to 180 muscles simultaneously, strengthening muscle chains, optimizing their coordination and boosting balance by improving posture.



The Vibrafit Vibration Platform is a great alternative for the rapid recovery of patients with musculoskeletal problems. Has immediate improvement of blood circulation, increased muscle strength and flexibility,  better range of motion and helps reduce muscle spasm.

Suitable for:

Increased fat burning

Cellulite and aesthetics

Rapid muscle growth

-Increase mobility

-More endurance

-Improvement of coordination

-More endurance



The TRX is a versatile fitness instrument with a huge variety of multi-level exercises (in three dimensions), functional training (functional training) which are performed exclusively with the weight of the body.

During the exercises you hold on to the belt and the body is on call, this exercise benefits strength, balance and muscle hypertrophy.

Every exercise performed using the TRX helps to activate the torso which includes the abs, buttocks, flexors, internal pelvic floor muscles, back and back and chest muscles.


Suitable for:

-improvement of neuromuscular fitting

-improvement of balance

-to increase muscle tissue

- strengthens all the muscles around the joints, improves their elasticity

-helps maintain our bone mass

-increases metabolism

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Hypoxia hyperoxia interval

Intermediate treatment of hypoxia and hyperoxia is a form of oxygen therapy for cells. Pure oxygen (hypoxia, irritation phase) and oxygen-rich air (hyperoxia, recovery phase) are added alternately to the body for a few minutes at a time.


The name intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia treatment comes from this change. This change between pure oxygen and oxygen-rich air triggers biochemical processes and a chain of positive reactions in the body's cells. Cells and their functions are activated, followed by biochemical reactions and genetic transcription processes.

The IHHT aims to increase the number of healthy mitochondria (cell power stations) again, repel the weak and thus increase the energy balance in the cells.


In turn, this leads to greater efficiency, promoting cell metabolism and an increased sense of well-being. For example, it helps stimulate fat burning, improves blood circulation or reduces inflammation. For many years, IHHT has been used successfully to treat a disturbed energy metabolism and, in particular, for a wide variety of chronic diseases, as the body's self-healing processes are activated.


Intermittent treatment of hypoxia and hyperoxia is used for athletes and for the treatment of chronic and degenerative signs. It promises quick pain relief and an overall beneficial effect on the healing process.

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