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Spine analysis


FREE FOR ACT - Gait Analysis

Get rid of the pain with the help of the revolutionary spinal decompression system. Effectively relieves pain in the waist and back (lumbar spine, chest, shoulder and neck), disc degeneration and other postoperative pain.



The Pediatrician is a system of evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of foot and musculoskeletal diseases and gait kinetic analysis. The system includes software and equipment necessary to measure and evaluate gait known as a footprint.

Modern treadmill systems  record and analyze gait in two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphs and make recognizable the anatomical variations and diseases of the lower extremities.

The advantage of the podiatrist is that no special preparation is needed, the examinee does not feel anything, there is no medication intake. The most important thing is that based on the examination there is the possibility of making special, personalized, orthotic soles, by specialized scientists in the orthopedic treatment of the lower limb. Thus, with the appropriate sole, the appropriate solution to the problem is given.



The Spinal Mouse MED PRO is a computer-aided mechanical tool designed to evaluate the morphology and mobility of the spine.

The device determines the morphology of the spine in the anterior and sagittal plane and the mobility of each vertebra by scrolling the device along the spine. According to the surface morphology, a special algorithm calculates information related to the relative position of the vertebral bodies of the thoracic and lumbar spine, while taking into account the local curvature (kyphotic or lordotic). The final result is an accurate local identification of all vertebral bodies, as a projection of their spinous processes on the surface of the back.

SpinalMouse MED PRO provides accurate results for the spine geometry, with a high degree of power compared to radiographic imaging. For this reason it can be used repeatedly during a treatment cycle without exposure to radiation. In addition, the use of simple and easy-to-understand graphics allows the patient to be informed, while with repeated measurements, the therapist has the ability to explain the progress of treatment. 



MyoVision is a state-of-the-art, computerized diagnostic device developed by David Marcarian (MSc in Psychophysiology and Ergonomics), a NASA-trained researcher.

The nervous system is the central system of our body. It serves the perception and processing of stimuli and the control of our reactions. With MyoVision it is possible to measure the natural surface tension of the muscle (which is directly controlled by the nervous system) and to determine if the spine is working perfectly. This can be used to identify nerve blocks and to document and control the results. The test is completely painless and without radiation exposure.

SEMG (surface electromyography)

Electromyography is a neurophysiological research method that measures the natural tendency in a muscle. The method can be used to determine if there is a disease of the muscle or a disorder of the conduction nerve.
Thermography is a noble and modern method of diagnosis. It is used to measure body surface temperature, which is directly related to the local metabolism of various tissues. The results of the measurement give indications of inflammation and insufficiency of the area.



At Body Health physiotherapy we combine chiropractic with technology, offering one of the most exciting and advanced methods in chiropractic, the Pro-Adjuster. Pro-Adjuster protocols have the ability to evaluate the muscles of the human body, to find and heal trigger points.

Evaluation - Treatment - Reassessment every time the patient visits the physiotherapy center. Pro-Adjuster evaluates problems such as


-Cervical syndrome

Intervertebral disc herniation

-Headache, dizziness, dizziness (due to cervical syndrome)

-Back pain



- Hip pains

-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

-Athletic injuries

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